January Learn to Ski & Snowboard Lesson Program

The January Program is offered every season for children aged 3 and older as well as teens and adults. From first-timers to advanced skiers & riders, the January Program offers group lessons for a wide variety of skiers and riders. Due to the short season, we are only able to offer one program each season. Each student participates in one weekly lesson for 5-consecutive weeks. This program requires a weekly commitment, should you wish for more flexibility we recommend private lessons.

January Program Updates

Thank you for your patience.  We are currently assessing availability for the lesson programs.  Phase 3 is underway and we will be reaching out to our waitlist applicants in the order the application was received.  If you do not receive an email invitation from us by November 23rd, we have filled the remaining spaces in the program.

January 2023 Program

We love winter sports!  It’s our thing at Yawgoo.  While we would love to turn everyone within our community into skier or rider, we are severely limited by a lack of space both on and off the trails.   It has been difficult to keep up with the rising demand while battling unpredictable weather. We are very fortunate to have the support of our community and our goal is to stay true to our mission.

Our vision includes building a stronger foundation of skier and riders.  To do so, this year we have directed our snow sports school to return to our mission of continuous and progression-based learning, building on the student’s previous experience.  Families from the 2022 program will be invited back to participate in the upcoming 2023 program, with priority given to those who commit to the same day and time as the previous year. This commitment is the only way to manage effectively and efficiently our 1400+ students.  To secure your spot for the 2023 program, you must commit to the same day and time of your program as last season.   The class levels and instructor assignments will be tailored to fit the same program times.

Registration for the 2023 program will be broken into 3 phases. The first phase is dedicated to those committing to the same day/program as last year.

PHASE 1: returning enrollment


PHASE 3: New Participants

Phase 3 Waitlist is Closed

Please do not contact the office with program waitlist requests. 

Thank you for your understanding!


Yawgoo Valley is not responsible for missed classes due to personal reasons or non-medically excusable. No refunds, credits, or make-ups will be offered for personal absences.


You do a disservice to your child, other children, and families – as well as our staff and your child’s instructor – by knowingly misrepresenting your child’s age or ability. If there is reason to suspect a misrepresented date of birth or experience level, you may be subject to removal from the program.


Chairlift riding classes will NOT be offered for Kinder & Mini age groups.  Should your child have intermediate or advanced experience at this age level, you are encouraged to take private lessons.


Helmets for purchase will be available in the Pro Shop starting in November We do not rent helmets and they are not included in any rental equipment package. Visit our website for specific hours in late October.


We are a weather-dependent facility, relying solely on mother nature & our own snow-making capabilities.  We reserve the right to cancel/postpone lessons without notice as deemed necessary by management for the safety of our guests and staff, non-ideal snow conditions, or excessive inclement weather.

  • In the event of cancelation, guests will be notified via our website under our daily operations report as well as via social media and email. Due to constantly changing weather forecasts, guests are encouraged to verify operations every morning prior to leaving for the resort.


  • All registration payments are non-refundable. Registrations cannot be transferred to another student.


CLASS REQUESTS:  The success of our programs is built on creating groups of a similar age and ability.  These determinations are made by the Snowsports School Supervisors. Due to restrictions in space and social distancing, we will not be able to guarantee any special requests for lesson placements.


A specific instructor may be requested or expected. Snow Sports will always attempt to fulfill the request or ensure instructor consistency; however, we reserve the right to assign your lesson to an alternate instructor if:

  • The instructor is not scheduled to work or calls in sick on the date of your reservation OR The instructor has previous commitments.



  • All lessons will begin on their respective day starting with Mondays on January 2, 2023. Classes will be held once weekly for 5-consecutive weeks. The final week of classes is expected to be held the week of January 31, however, in the event of postponed classes, they can be delayed typically no more than 3 additional weeks. Due to weather delays being beyond our control, we will not issue any credits should students be unable to attend postponed classes.


  • Yawgoo Valley is not responsible for late arrivals to class. No refunds, credits, or make-ups will be offered for any missed portions of the class.
  • Should you arrive late, staff will do their best to connect the student with their group in a timely fashion, however, this may take additional time if the group is on the chairlift. Please do your best to arrive early to ensure your student gets the most out of their experience.



Monday - Tuesday:   10 AM - 2 PM

*Hours are subject to change without notice

Closed Thanksgiving Day

401-294-3802 x 110


The January Lesson program is made up of two categories -- Alpine Ski or Snowboarding.

Within each sport we offer programs for ages 3 and up. See below for the options based on age. It is important to remember that choosing your age group should be based on age and not experience or preference. Proof of age will be required upon registration, students must turn the minimum age requirement by January 31, 2023. Lessons are held once-per-week, for five-consecutive weeks starting January 2, 2023.

AGES 3 & 4 | 45-Minutes
Kinderschuss (Ski)
Kindershred (Board)

AGES 5 & 6 | 60-Minutes
Mini Tracker (Ski)
Mini Shredder (Board)

AGES 7 & 8 | 75-Minutes
Junior Tracker (Ski)
Junior Shredder (Board)

AGES 9 - 12 | 75-Minutes
Tracker (Ski)
Shredder (Board)
JR Race Club (Advanced Ski) | 120 Minutes

AGES 13+ | 75-Minutes
Grown-Up Tracker (Ski)
Grown-Up Shredder (Board)


New for the 2023 program, the Snow Sports School team will be assigning appropriate levels based on prior experience determined by last years data or will be discussed with you at your appointment.

Program Schedule

The January Program schedule will be based on the following schedule by age groups. Note that students attend one day/time per week for 5-weeks.

Ages 5 & 6: 4:30 PM
Ages 7 & 8: 5:45 PM
Ages 9-12: 5:45 PM

Ages 5 & 6: 4:30 PM
Ages 7 & 8: 5:45 PM
Ages 9-12: 5:45 PM

Ages 5 & 6: 4:30 PM
Ages 7 & 8: 5:45 PM
Ages 9-12: 5:45 PM

Ages 3 & 4: 11:00 AM & 3:30 PM
Ages 5 & 6: 4:30 PM
Ages 7 & 8: 4:30 PM
Ages 9 - 12: 4:30 PM & 6:15 PM
Ages 13+: 6:15 PM

Ages 3 & 4: 11:00 AM & 3:30 PM
Ages 5 & 6: 4:30 PM
Ages 7 & 8: 4:30 PM
Ages 9 - 12: 6:15 PM
Ages 13+: 6:15 PM

Ages 3 & 4: 10:45 AM
Ages 5 & 6: 9:00 AM
Ages 7 & 8: 9:00 AM
Ages 9 - 12: 10:45 AM
Jr Race Club: 9:00 AM

Ages 3 & 4: 10:45 AM
Ages 5 & 6: 9:00 AM
Ages 7 & 8: 9:00 AM
Ages 9 - 12: 10:45 AM

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