Snow Sports Program Lessons

5-Week Learn to Ski & Snowboard Program - '17 Program is closed. Check back September 2017 for January 2018 program.

Enrollment for this January program begins in mid-September. This program is a once-a-week class for 5 consecutive weeks. We offer different class types depending on age and skill level. Please review skill levels here prior to enrolling in a class and be sure to note your child's skill level in your online account so they are placed properly. We may not be able to switch your student to a different program. There is only one session offered each season.


Keep in mind we offer a similar daily option we call our Walk-In Group Lessons More Information >


February Vacation Week Program - Information Coming Soon

This program is a 3-day option held during the school vacation week. Classes are held once daily on the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of that week. Registration typically begins mid to late January. If you will be renting for this option you will need to visit the rental shop for a fitting by February 12th. There will be no refunds or changes after 2/12/2017.

Classes have begun!

MONDAY PARTICIPANTS: Reminder classes WILL BE HELD ON MARTIN LUTHER KING JR DAY (Ski area will be open until 5pm to the general public and remain opens to finish lessons until 6pm).


- If you or your child are sick/can't make a week: We offer one make-up for all students that falls on the "6th week" of lessons at the same day and time is your regular class. If you miss more than one lesson, you cannot make it up. Sorry, you cannot attend a lesson on any other day but your own.
- What if the weather isn't great? If weather is not looking promising, we may postpone the lesson until the following week. To find out if lessons are held view our **daily report here** OR sign up for text alerts by texting "yawgoo & your class day" with no space to 84483 (examples: yawgoomonday, yawgootuesday, yawgoowednesday, yawgoothursday, yawgoofriday, yawgoosaturday, or yawgoosunday). We are a new england winter facility; we hold lessons in the snow, light rain, and cold.
- Where do I go for my first lesson? If you are renting equipment, pick up your gear in the rental shop. Get ready for class, and 10 minutes before class head out to the snow sports gazebo to find your group assignment and meet your instructor. (Kinderschuss & Kindershred classes meet in the rental shop "kinder room".)

     -Rental Reminder: we do not rent helmets, they are not required but we do sell them in our pro shop (while supplies last).

- After My Lesson: Parents please be sure to meet your child's instructor at the gazebo meeting area at the end of your lesson. Children must be released to a parent/guardian/babysitter/etc. and cannot be left unattended.
-I want to stay after my lesson: We offer a discounted lift ticket for a half-day session on the day/time your lesson is actually held. If you rent equipment you are allowed to keep your equipment for the session. Discount does not apply to full day sessions. Not recommended for first-timers as they will not be with an instructor after the lesson is finished. Must be purchased at ticket window and provide student name and class they are enrolled in.

Examples: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday classes may purchase the 12pm-8pm  ticket (only one ticket these days); Thursdays & Fridays classes may purchase the 4pm-9pm ticket (3 and 4 year old kinder students in earlier sessions receive free tickets.); Saturday & Sunday classes may purchase the 8:30am-12:30pm ticket.

More Information


Begin Monday Jan 2, 2017 and continue weekly until all 5 weeks are complete, plus a make-up week (see absent/missing a class).
Classes do not include a lift pass (except the Turn & Tour classes).
Students are only required to have a lift pass if they wish to practice after their scheduled lesson; discounted options may be available on each day of lesson.
Students must be listed age by 1/1/2017, no exceptions.
Students will be placed in groups according to skill level indicated in account (online), groups sizes are approximately 5-9 students.
Requests for instructors or to be placed with another student must be made by 12/1/16.
The best place is to leave this request in the NOTE field under your child’s account information. We cannot guarantee requests.

Skill Level Chart PDF


Refund requests will be accepted until 12/1/16 by written request, less the $10 change fee (medical refunds will be accepted until program ends and will be pro-rated for remaining classes, no fee applies but must be accompanied by physicians note).
Changes may will be honored by written request if option is available until 12/1/16 (change day, program, add/remove rental, etc.).
Any changes will incur a $10 fee per student, per change to be paid for upon request.
Please complete the following form to request a refund or change to your registration: REFUND REQUEST FORM THERE ARE NO CLASS CHANGES OR REFUNDS AFTER 12/1/2016. We will allow rental equipment add-ons or removal, but you will only be credited to a gift card after 12/1.


Equipment Renters must be pre-fitted by: 12/1/16 (Please consider this before purchasing as a gift). UPDATE: Rental fitting hours have ended. Fittings are now limited to only when the ski area is operational. (Starting December 17th snowmaking and weather permitting; call the day you come to confirm hours).
Programs that do not offer a rental YOU CANNOT RENT FOR. (See Leases in November).


There are cases where we may postpone a class for various reasons, in the event of inclement weather please view our Trail Report on our website (updated each morning), or sign up for text alerts.
 Due to privacy restrictions we CANNOT enroll you in this automatically; you must re-enroll EVERY YEAR.
 Visit rainedout.com and search for Yawgoo OR Text Yawgoo(Your class day) 84483 (Example: YawgooMonday, YawgooTuesday, YawgooWednesday, etc.).
The name of this free service is "RainedOut" please be sure to read the actual message as we may send important alerts that may say classes are being held. We will only send out messages the day of lessons pertinent to class schedules.
In some cases classes may run into the February vacation week due to postponements; please note if you cannot attend a lesson during that week you can use your make-up and attend the 6th week.


Should you be unable to attend a class for any reason (separate from days we postpone), as a courtesy to our students we offer a make-up lesson. Make-up lesson falls on the “6th” week on the same day/time you registered for.
There is only ONE make-up lesson, please plan accordingly. If you miss more than one class, you will forfeit that class; we will not issue refunds or credits.
Please be aware we are a New England winter facility, classes may still be held in inclement weather.