Ski Area

January 17

Hours: 12pm-8pm

Today's Sessions: 12p-8p


5-Week program lessons will be held today. Visit here for more information!



Disclaimer: the schedule can change at any time due to snowmaking capabilities and weather. Always confirm the day of your visit for official hours by visiting/refreshing this report or calling the snofone at 401-294-3802 ext. 4.

Snow Tubing

January 17 - closed until Friday

We recommend purchasing tickets online. Please visit here for more information about tubing, scheduled hours, and to purchase tickets online.

(Be sure to confirm date of tweet for updates)

Trail Openings/Closings

Trails Lifts
 Novice Area
 Lower Hubs Folly
Rope Tow
 Upper Ledges
 Yellow Jacket
Upper Hubs Folly
Conan Double Chair Lift
 Down Under
 Lower Ledges
Proud Mary Double Chair
 North Forte
 Jack Attack